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Why Get Lost?

Getting lost is not for everyone, but those of you willing to dive into the world head first will experience something very few human beings will ever truly understand. Lets go and get lost!

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The Go and Get Lost Project

Welcome to my very own adventures around the world! Watch, read, and learn about how I get lost in the world, every single day! All you need is a one-way ticket anywhere in the world, and of course, an excessive amount of optimism! Money is optional.

Lets Go and Get Lost!

Read up on stories of past escapades, learn a few tips and tricks for your own travels, or keep up with my daily adventures, videos, and blog posts here!

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Today, I begin the very first day of the rest of my life. The day I drop every single thing I once knew and cared for to make a change. A change that is ostensibly courageous, brave, and even crazy. I am here to seek out a purpose, find true freedom, and most importantly, become the man I am meant to be. Today, I will leave the place I once called home, in order to create a new life, a new home, and a new world all around me. Diving head first into the complete unknown, fearlessly treading a brand new path, a path that is my very own. With every single step, a new chapter is conceived, creating a story I can be proud of, and a legacy that can live on far beyond me as a tangible being. Today, I begin this unique journey, enveloping every cell in my body, and notion in my mind, into this world I do not know or understand. Today, I will go and get lost, to find myself!

“I am here to seek out a purpose, find true freedom, and most importantly, become the man I am meant to be.”Brennen
The first time I went backpacking alone, I remember hearing the term ‘Getting Lost’ expressed by several travelers. These people were not actually ‘lost’ in the world, they were intentionally getting lost in the world! This outlandish idea quickly captured my attention. So, I asked them a series of questions. ‘You just walked out your front door and started traveling? What about money, wont you run out? Isn’t it dangerous out there, aren’t you afraid something bad might happen to you? Are you lonely all by yourself out there?’ The answers to all of these questions were simply, yes! You will be broke, vulnerable, and lonely on this journey, and those are only a few of the obstacles one will have to overcome when ‘lost’ in the world! So, this leaves me asking one last question. ‘Why? What is the purpose of putting yourself through such trouble?’ Well, that’s simple too really. I’m just curious.”

Welcome to The Go and Get Lost Project

The Go and Get Lost Project is now well underway! Check out my blog and follow along in all of my adventures, every day, as I go! I update the site daily so you can see where I am, what I am doing, and where I plan to go and get lost next! Offering my own personal travel tips and tricks, stories of adventure, and even some words of inspiration to get you up and on your feet! Lets Go and Get Lost together!

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